Comicap is New type hotel,

About Comicap

A home? A workplace? A special place? Nope! Comicap is your 4th hideout! -For a happy time-

"Comics & Capsule Hotel"

“This day had me beat!"
"Today was fulfilling!"
"I'm done with work!"
"Bad day at work..."
"I just don't feel like it..."
"It's kinda fun!"
"Nothing really happened today."
You go through all sorts of things every day. Even just once in a while, why don't you forget about time and read comics?

It doesn't matter how old you are, there really is a mysterious kind of joy when reading comics! Watching movies, TV shows, live actions, or reading novels just can't compare. Reading comics can seem normal yet strange at the same time!

Before you even realize it, your heart is already pounding. You're suddenly excited, restless, and tears are streaming down your face. Next thing you know, you're in another world!

We think having those days never hurts.
The "Comicap - Comics & Capsule Hotel," built from the dream of having those days.

Comicap is a store mainly for accommodation facilities in the form of capsule hotels,Comic fusion type relaxation space with more than 30,000 comics.
In a store unified with woodgraining fixtures, you can set up more than 30,000 comics and enjoy comfortable space while reading the favorite comics.
Capsule unit has ordinary capsule area and deluxe area.
The deluxe area offers a comfortable time in a spacious and spacious space larger than ordinary capsules.
In the open space Big Sofa seat, you can also read comics while taking a break with each other.


Hokkaido sapporo-susukino

Hokkaido sapporo-susukino

Address Map
3-8-2 Urban Sapporo Bld.2F Tyuuou-ku minami Sapporo city Hokkaido
Equipment / Facilities Wi-Fi / shower rooms / Laundry / Smoking room / Cloakroom / Lockers (for all sorts of things and valuables) / Microwave / Electric pot / In-room outlet Amenities Roomwear / Bath towel / Face towel / Slippers / dryer / Toothpaste set / Hair brush / Shaver / Lamp stand / Cellphone charger


QCan I leave my luggage with you after checkout?

We do not keep your luggage after check-out.

QCan I leave my luggage with you before check-in time?

On the day of your check-in, we can take your luggage for free. * If you have not made a reservation, it will be stored after the reservation procedure.

QWhere can I confirm or cancel after booking?

Please confirm your reservation status and cancellations at the link below. We can only confirm reservations from our homepage. For reservations from other sites, please check that site's menu.

QCan I check-out halfway through my stay?

If you do not have any pending charges, you can check-out at any time.

QCan I use with or charter with a group?

It is possible, depending on the number of guests and the reservation status. Please contact us for more details.

QDo I need to change clothes at the facility?

In the case of lodging, please use the hotel's clothes when using the capsule area. If you use our facilities as a manga cafe, you do not need to change clothes.

QCan I bring food and drinks? Can I eat or drink in the capsule?

You can bring food and drinks, but please consume them at the lounge. Please refrain from eating and drinking inside the capsule. You can order a food menu at the recreation space anytime during business hours.

QAbout payment of accommodation fee. If I do not have a reservation, do I have to pay the fee in advance? Also, if I wish to stay more than two nights, do I have to pay the total in advance?

Except for advance reservations made through credit card payment, facility usage fees must be paid in advance at the front desk. If you wish to stay multiple nights, it is possible to pay off the total.

QCan I bring large pieces of baggage?

Luggage that does not fit in the locker will be kept in a cloakroom at the counter. Please keep your valuables inside the locker.

QInquiries regarding arrival / cancellation of reservations

You can call(or E-mail) us if you need to delay your arrival or cancel your reservation. Please contact the store.

QCan I stay more than two nights?

It is possible to make a reservation for more than 2 days, but we will have to ask you to leave the room between 11am and 3pm for cleaning. Our facilities are not available during cleaning hours.

QWhat time is check-in / check-out?

Check-in time is from 3pm to 5am. Please be sure to contact us at the time of booking if you will be arriving past the scheduled check-in time. Check out is at 11am. If you plan to stay two or more nights, please check out once more.